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3D Modeling and Printing

Using Autodesk Fusion 360
Client-Focused Training Methodology
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Design Your Own Custom Products

Project 1

Phone Cases

Project 2


Project 3


Project 4

Concept Cars

Creative Skills      *      Design Thinking      *     Entrepreneurship

Interactive Online Platform

Learn from the comfort of your home with numerous help & support options 
3D Modeling & Printing

Learn design concepts, 3D modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering

Get familiar with the process of 3D printing and entrepreneurial options

PC or Mac with Internet Connection

Recomended for students 13 years of age or older with basic computer skills

Parents will need to personally sign up on behalf of children under 13 years

4 Months Recommended

The recommended duration is 4 months at 3 hours per week at anytime

You have the flexibility to extend the duration of the program up to 12 months

$360 For a Limited Time Only ($720 Value)

4 monthly payments of $90 or a one-time payment of $270 for the entire program

Try our $1 starter program to make sure the program works for you before you join

Autodesk currently provides a 3-year software license
(full version) at no cost to eligible students

Student Projects

View examples of select projects done during and after completing the program

Creative Class Projects by Alanna

Watch video of 11-year-old Alanna showcasing her innovative 3D products which include a left-handed thermos and a cat-themed cell phone case!

Rocket Engine Designed by Tina

Tina Sjogren who is a Guinness world record holder for exploration, completed the 3DTi program and designed her own rocket engine using Fusion 360 for space travel as a part of the DARPA challenge.

Platform Reviews

by Industry Professionals

"The online training platform provided by 3DTRAINING is innovative in many ways, and differs from any other online solution I have encountered. All our users have provided very positive feedback"

"3DTRAINING is revolutionizing 3D design learning with self-paced project-centric videos, dashboards, and online mentors to teach best practices and help you when you get stuck"

"I like the approach and structure of the 3-step learning method by 3DTRAINING. I believe it will help achieve faster learning, better retention and higher levels of proficiency than other learning methods I know about" 

Get Ready for Jobs of the Future

Upon graduation (completing the four class projects) you will recieve:



Provided upon completion of all projects



With four diverse professional projects


Reference Letter

Based on your performance in the program

Become a Digital Entrepreneur

Option to  join our 3D entrepreneur club and learn how to earn recurring/passive income using the online platforms below

Create and sell 3D Models Online

Create 3D models and sell them through online marketplaces for 3D models like

Launch your own Online Store

Design your own products and launch your own store through companies such as shapeways at no cost.

Offer 3D Modeling and Printing Service

Buy a professional printer and use services like 3D Hubs to find clients looking for 3D modeling and printing services. 

Sign-up for a 7-Day Trial Program

Includes: Trial Project, Interactive Platform and Live-Online Lab Access


3DTi is the industry's leading provider of production-based training programs in Autodesk software such as 3ds Max, Maya, Revit, Inventor, AutoCAD and Fusion 360. 

The main goal of programs is to close the current skill gap due to rapid technological advances, and prepare our students for the creative jobs of the future.  

3DTi headquarted in California, USA., is a member of the Autodesk Developer Network and has trained thousands of students over the past 12 years. 

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