Simulated on-the-job Training
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Simulated on-the-job Online Training

Create a Portfolio with 4 In-Demand Diverse or Similar Projects Based on your Interest

Robotic Arm

Project 1

2D Splines
3D Modeling

Consumer Product

Project 2

Plastic Part Design
Mold Drawings
Simulation & Analysis Tools
Design for Manufacturability

Commercial Piping

Project 3

Piping Theory
Laying Pipe Runs
Cables & Harnesses
Frame Generator

Automotive Engine

Project 4

Internal Combustion Engines
Design Cylinder Head
Reverse Engineering Techniques
Accelerators and Simulations

Program Overview

According to research, 20% of learning happens in a classroom, while almost 80% of the actual learning occurs on-the-job while working on projects through trial and error!

To overcome this challenge, 3DTRAINING provides a simulated on-the-job learning experience, where participants learn the software by completing four in-demand projects within the given deadlines, just like working for actual clients.

The 3DTRAINING program is self-paced and conducted entirely online using our interactive training platform combined with help & support options that include:  live-online labs with screen-sharing and private one-on-one sessions from industry experts.

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Program Features

PROFESSIONAL: Simulated on-the-job Training

Learn in a simulated professional work environment with guidance from Industry Experts. Improve your project strategy, time efficiency, and performance skills to work confidently on client projects.

SELF-PACED: Start, Pause & Resume Anytime

Our interactive online program provides the flexibility to set up your own project start-dates and deadlines to meet the busy schedules of working professionals and students.

AFFORDABLE: Payment Plans Available 

The program includes: 1-year platform access, live-online labs, certificate, portfolio feedback, and career strategy. For current program fees and promotions, fill out our INFORMATION REQUEST FORM

Autodesk currently provides a FREE 3-YEAR INVENTOR software license for eligible students

Graduation Benefits

Get a competitive edge during company or client interviews with the following:



Provided upon completion of all projects



With four diverse professional projects


Reference Letter

Based on participation in our apprenticeship program

Platform Reviews

by Industry Professionals

"The online training platform provided by 3DTRAINING is innovative in many ways and differs from any other online solution I have encountered. All our users have provided very positive feedback"

"3DTRAINING is revolutionizing 3D design learning with self-paced project-centric videos, dashboards, and online mentors to teach best practices and help you when you get stuck"

"I like the approach and structure of the 3-step learning method by 3DTRAINING. I believe it will help achieve faster learning, better retention and higher levels of proficiency than other learning methods I know about" 

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