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Learn in a Simulated
Production Environment

Experience Online Training Like Never Before!
7-Day Trial provided to those who qualify

The 3DTi Difference

As you may have experienced, training programs focus on providing software knowledge but most of the actual learning happens on-the-job through trial and error. This is obviously not the most efficient way to learn.

To overcome this challenge, 3DTi, in collaboration with our partner production company 3DMIRAGE, has designed a client-focused online training program which simulates a professional work environment. Students complete 4 in-demand projects within the given deadlines, similar to the real world.

The 3DTi program is self-paced and is conducted entirely online using our interactive training platform combined with help & support options that include: live-online labs with screen-sharing technology and private one-on-one sessions from industry experts.

To find out about the current program fees and to sign up for our
7-Day Trial program, fill out the INFORMATION REQUEST FORM. 


PROFESSIONAL: Client-focused Training

Learn in a simulated professional work environment to get ready for working confidently on professional-client projects faster and more effectively than any conventional training methods.

SELF-PACED: Start, Pause & Resume Anytime

If you are a working professional or student with a busy schedule, our programs can provide you with the flexibility to set up your own deadlines and complete all 4 projects within as fast as 2 months or as long as a year. 

AFFORDABLE: Payment Plans Available 

For current program fees and promotions, fill out the info request form. Our program includes: 1-year interactive training platform access, live-online help and support options , certificate, portfolio hosting, and other features. 

Platform Reviews

by Industry Professionals

"The online training platform provided by 3DTRAINING is innovative in many ways and differs from any other online solution I have encountered. All our users have provided very positive feedback"

"3DTRAINING is revolutionizing 3D design learning with self-paced project-centric videos, dashboards, and online mentors to teach best practices and help you when you get stuck"

"I like the approach and structure of the 3-step learning method by 3DTRAINING. I believe it will help achieve faster learning, better retention and higher levels of proficiency than other learning methods I know about" 

Student Success Stories

View press releases of our past graduates below

Brian Ballinger

Architect, NAOS Design

"I was only halfway through my intermediate level course at 3DTraining, and I was so excited to find I got 3 job offers" - Brian Ballinger, currently Architect at the Naos Design Group

Kern Darrabie

Director, Broadcast Design

"With 3DTi's support and advice I was able to take my career to the next level and get to where I am today" - Kern Derrabie, featured in Computer Graphics World for work done for Comcast/CN8 Channel.

Dr. Rajeev Doshi

Creative Director, Medi-Nation

"I still can't believe that I am getting paid to have so much fun" says Dr. Rajeev Doshi, who switched his career from being a PhD researcher to forming his own medical animation company in London.

Christian Carbajal

Modeller & Animator

19-year old Christian Carbajal chose 3D Training Institute's 4-Month program, instead of 4-Year College, and landed a dream job working in interiors of private jets & yacht's at Edese Doret Design.

Request Information

7-Day Trial provided to those who qualify


3DTraining, Inc. is the industry's leading provider of client-focused training programs. 3DTraining was initially launched by 3DMIRAGE Studios with support from Autodesk to meet the growing demand for skilled 3DTalent.
Over the past 14 years, the company has successfully trained thousands of students. 3DTraining is based in USA and is a member of the Autodesk Developer Network.

For more information email: