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MAY 20, 2017 : 3DTraining Launches a New Program, "How to Model and 3D Print Your Own Creations: Using Autodesk Fusion 360

3DTraining the industry's leading provider of short-term, online training, announces a new program "Create Your Own Products In 3D" using Autodesk® Fusion 360™ software. The official launch of the program will held with a seminar at the Microsoft Seminar Room, located at the Stanford Shopping Mall in Palo Alto, California, on Wednesday May 24th, 2017 from 7- 8:30 pm.

In today's design-centric world, skills in 3D product design are growing in demand. The "Create Your Own Products In 3D" program that is targeted towards middle school to college students to teach them how to use the next-gen, cloud-based Fusion 360 software to create models in 3D, such as custom Smartphone Cases, Household Items, Wearables, Drones, Cars, etc. Students will also learn how to use models created to make real-life products using 3D Printers or within Video Games and the latest Virtual Reality Applications.

The Program will be conducted using 3DTraining's proprietary cloud-based platform and supplemented by live-online labs, helpdesk, and monthly performance challenges. The entire program will be four months in duration, requiring a minimum of three hours of learning and practice time each week. Students can participate from any part of the world as long as they have access to a computer (Mac or PC) and the Internet.

For a limited time, 3DTraining will be offering the program free for one month and the entire program at the introductory rate of $99 USD to students (a $360 value). Autodesk will provide a 3-year license of Fusion 360™ software to qualified students and educators participating in this program, at no cost.

"For students who are interested in a career in the product design and manufacturing space, Fusion 360 is a unique new software which integrates mechanical design, industrial design, simulation and analysis all in one product. We are happy to support 3DTraining's new Fusion training program as they have been doing an excellent job with training in Autodesk products for over 19 years and counting" - Chris Bradshaw, Senior VP Autodesk.

To encourage students to understand the product creation process, 3DTraining is also planning to conduct a 3D product design contest. The contest will be judged by Jeff Smith and Gerard Furbershaw, the founders of LUNAR; an award-winning design firm in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Students will get to team up with their friends and compete for attractive prizes such 3D printers, VR Headsets, Gaming Consoles, Tablets and more. By participating in the contests, students will learn the importance of teamwork in the product design and creation process.

“Mastery of today’s sophisticated 3D tools such as Fusion 360 and working effectively together as teams are essential ingredients of the most successful creativity. We look forward to reviewing the innovative design concepts that the contest participants come up with” - Jeff Smith - co-founder, LUNAR.

After the successful launch of the program, 3DTraining plans to offer its cloud-based training platform to schools, colleges, and other career training centers who would like to offer Autodesk® Fusion 360™ training to their students.

For more information about the seminar, visit:

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MAY 19, 2017 : Electrician's Assistant Switches Career to 3D

When he was in high school, Cody explored drafting. His instructor taught him the ins and outs of the trade. This is where he discovered 3D, construction, and AutoCAD.

Finding a career that feels fulfilling can be a challenging road as Cody discovered. Prior to seeking 3D training, he worked in jobs ranging from restaurants to an electrician's assistant over the course of five years. After three years as an electrician's assistant, he sought out a career in 3D. "I never did get those fulfilling feelings of success with those jobs. That all changed after I found 3DTraining!"

The task of finding training to pursue his interests brought him to the 3DTraining  where he found a welcoming atmosphere to achieve his goals. Cody believed that there were "possibilities of a rewarding career" with the training offered through 3DTraining. The skills Cody learned in 3D software are not limited to the skills he took away from the program.

"I also learned about submitting projects in a timely manner, discipline, presentations, topography, renders, MEP, thorough design studies, point clouds, collaboration, and the list goes on."

Since graduation, Cody was hired as a Revit draftsman with an engineering company and after a month and one day he was promoted to Project Manager. One of his designs is featured on the company's business cards. In the future, the young and ambitious Project Manager plans to continue his education in 3D.

The combination of 3DTraining's program and Autodesk's Revit capabilities enable Cody to take a vision and create a working visual that he can share with clients. Also, he can be hands on in assisting construction workers with a visual representation of the tasks they will be implementing.

His advice to those seeking to learn 3D is straightforward. "3DTraining has the tools, people, and sources to get you there. I learned more in a few short months than I would anywhere else. They go the extra mile when teaching their students."

Ben Katt of 3DTi said, "We are proud of Cody's success in bringing his dream of 3D into reality. He is an inspiration for anyone with a passion to realize a fulfilling career in 3D. We are here to support Cody by providing the tools and resources he needs for continued success."

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FEB 3, 2015 : Michael Goldman, 3DTraining Graduate, Gets Best Graduation Present, a Job That He Loves as a 3D Designer Using Autodesk 3ds Max

Michael Goldman came to his 3DTraining graduation to announce that he had just been hired as a designer by R&R Associates, a leading product design and engineering firm in Sarasota, FL. He’s been excited ever since, to get up every day and go to work.

But, the road to success was not always so clear or easy. Michael’s been an artist since he could hold a brush and fondly remembers time spent attending class at “Creative Art for Young Children” a school run by his family for the last thirty years in the small town in California where Michael grew up. Michael went on to attend the prestigious Skidmore College, where he studied painting and drawing. He lived abroad for a few years and then moved to New York City. He cherished his experiences, but something was still missing.

At this point, Michael decided to try to teach himself 3dsMax. After a period of frustration, Michael found 3DTraining, a live online program that uses a production based training methodology to teach Autodesk software programs 3dsMax, Maya, Revit, and Inventor. After only 16 weeks, he had a portfolio of projects that he was able to show to clients and companies. He took the work he had completed during the 3DTraining program and landed an incredible opportunity as a 3D Designer.

And for the first time, Michael finds himself really excited about going to a job that he loves. “I got my job before I even got my degree. The 3DTraining program was great. It was my first live online experience and I would highly recommend the program. I felt as though they really prepared me for a real world working environment. I really liked the hands on learning and I felt really confident knowing that I had completed whole projects and been successful in getting the job done well. Now I get to focus my creative energy sketching, designing and rendering product ideas that will become real tools for people to hold in their hands. It is very satisfying.”

Gary Platt, of 3DTraining says, “Michael’s success story embodies the mission of what we do here at 3DTraining. In a very short amount of time, we give our students the skills they need to find rewarding, creative, soul satisfying work. We are tremendously proud of Michael and appreciate his willingness to share his story and inspire other people who may also still be searching for work that they love. We look forward to hearing more about Michael’s success and from other people who were motivated by his experiences.”

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JAN 08, 2015 : 3DTraining Recruiter Webinar Series Features Stan Szymanski, Founder of Stanley Vision and Senior VFX Media Executive

3DTraining is proud to announce that Stan Szymanski, a senior VFX, animation and digital media executive with over 30 years of experience in talent acquisition, artist management, and production and studio operations management will be featured as the inaugural speaker in the webinar series, How To Land Your Dream Job in 3D. Stan will share his wealth of knowledge about the inside workings of the industry, how to get hired, what recruiters are looking for, and tips for creating and building a successful career in the 3D world.

Stan was the Senior VP of Creative Resources and Digital Production for Sony Imageworks for 14 years where he headed up artist management, talent development, resource allocation and recruiting for the studio. He founded Stanley Vision in 2009 after leaving Imageworks and works as an organizational consultant, educator, resource strategist, head hunter and recruiter for today’s global VFX, animation and digital media production industries.

Stan works with the world’s top studios to develop winning organizational strategies and recruits the best of the best, creative, technical, production and facility management personnel. A partial client list includes Technicolor, MPC, Digital Domain, Framestore, Method Studios, Reel FX, Universal Creative and The Mill.

Stan has made significant contributions to decades of award winning VFX films and commercials. The Imageworks artist team recruited and managed by Stan were recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with Oscars® for their work on “Spider-Man 2” and the animated short film “The Chubb Chubbs!” Other Oscar® nominations include “Surfs Up”, “Monster House”, “Superman Returns”, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe”, “Spider-Man”, “Hollow Man”, “Stuart Little” and “Starship Troopers”.

Also in the Webinar, Ron Richard, Senior Education Program Manager at Autodesk, will describe his company’s recent decision to make Autodesk software available without charge to students, teachers, and educational institutions. Scott Hamilton, Vertical Market Strategist – Media and Entertainment, will provide information on the specially optimized hardware options for 3D artists from Dell and 3D Training Institute, will be offering a promotional contest for beginners.

“Autodesk is committed to helping prepare an industry-ready workforce with the design skills and knowledge that they need to be competitive. Webinar participants will not only gain valuable insight into the design industry but can also take advantage of free access to the same Autodesk software used by over 12 million professionals worldwide.” said Ron Richard, Autodesk Education.

Gary Platt, from the 3DTraining Advisory Board said, “We are really excited about this free webinar series that will allow anyone who has ever thought or dreamed about having a career in the movie or video game industry to talk to an industry expert about job opportunities and get insider tips on where the jobs are and what it takes to get hired.'

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DEC 23, 2014 : Drafter, Felipe Hernandez, Saw the Architectural Industry Trending Toward Revit, Took the 3DTraining Program, and Just Joined the Morse Group on the Epic Job Site in Wisconsin

Felipe Hernandez, a recent graduate of 3DTraining, has been interested in drafting and working in various mediums of artwork since high school. He started creating wire sculptures of flowers, animals and even people. Looking back, he thinks it probably sparked his interest in 3D, but it would still be a few years before he recognized the career opportunities in the 3D design world.

Felipe graduated from Herzing University-Madison with a B.S. in Technology Management. Over the years, he has used his drafting skills in a wide variety of settings from research and development groups, manufacturing, engineering, and even the Army. But, over time he saw that the Autodesk software, Revit was becoming the industry standard.

At first he tried learning on his own. Felipe says, “I spent a year and a half stumbling my way through Revit before finding 3DTraining. I learned more in the first 4 weeks at 3DTraining than I did in an entire year and a half trying to learn on my own while juggling project deadlines. It’s been a really positive experience and I’m glad that I made the investment in my career and my future by going to 3DTraining.”

Felipe has now been hired by Morse Electric, a renowned industry leader whose projects include Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, EcoGrove Wind Farm in Illinois, and the McCarran International Airport. Felipe said, “I brought a portfolio of screenshots of my project work and the recruiters were seriously impressed with my skills. These are skills that I would not have had without the training I received from 3DTi. I want to thank everyone at 3DTi for all the assistance and instruction which has opened a lot of doors for me.”

“We are so thrilled for Felipe and the success he is enjoying at his new job at Morse Electric. Our goal is always to prepare our students for real world jobs using the most in-demand software,” said Gary Platt, 3DTraining Advisory Board Member. “Because our students create portfolios while they are learning, they are often able to get jobs before they even graduate, especially with Revit. We congratulate Felipe and look forward to hearing more success stories from him.”

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DEC 01, 2014 : 3DTraining to Launch “How to Land Your Dream Job in 3D” Webinar Series

3DTraining is launching a monthly webinar series, featuring studio recruiters who will describe the exciting career opportunities for 3D artists. These webinars are a unique opportunity for students who want to work in movies, video games, or architecture to talk to the people who make hiring decisions.

Each webinar will feature a recruiter from a well-known studio. They will describe their jobs for 3D artists, salary ranges, and job requirements. The recruiters will share job opportunities and tips for getting hired. The webinar will also feature a successful artist who will describe his or her journey to success, and answer questions.

Webinar participants—high-school and college students and teachers—will be offered a free introductory training program from 3DTraining so that they can take the first steps towards their 3D career right away. Students and educators can also take advantage of free access to Autodesk 3D design software via the Autodesk Education Community – these are the same design tools used by design professionals and commercial studios worldwide. Computer hardware discounts will be offered, and at some of the webinars, there will be contests for beginners and advanced 3D users.

Gary Platt, a 3DTraining Advisory Board Member says: “We here at 3DTraining are very excited about featuring studio recruiters in our webinars. They will describe the fun, rewarding, and viable career paths for 3D professionals. 3DTraining’s mission has always been to prepare students to take on client projects, work for studios, or create their own 3D business. We are giving students a chance to talk to the people at the top of their profession and to get valuable insider tips on what it takes to become successful. We want to inspire them to believe that they can achieve any goal that they set for themselves.”

Connecting students with studios is 3DTraining’s latest step towards helping students achieve a rewarding 3D career. 3DTraining, an Autodesk Authorized Training Center, teaches 3ds Max®, Maya®, Revit®, Inventor®, and Fusion®. 3DTraining wants to raise awareness about career opportunities in 3D, and help students prepare for and land that dream job.

“Young people often aren’t aware of vocational opportunities that align with their passions and skills. By connecting tomorrow’s creative leaders with design leaders and equipping them with the professional tools to bring their ideas to life, we can expose youth to rewarding career possibilities around their design interests,” said Peggy Snyder, Director, Autodesk Education.

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NOV 28, 2014 : 3DTraining Graduate Ivana Njegomir Skipped College, and Turned Her Passion for Drawing Dragons into a Rewarding Career.

3DTraining graduate Ivana Njegomir has been through many transitions. She left Serbia with her family when she was 14 years old and moved to the United States in search of a better life. But when she finished high school, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. She felt enormous pressure from her parents and grandparents, who had all graduated from college, and couldn’t imagine how anyone could be successful without a university education.

“I researched many schools online. Of all the schools, 3DTraining appealed to me the most, because of how straightforward all the information was. I finally found a place where other people shared my view that careers should be creative and fun. Plus, I was really scared about taking out huge loans to pay for school—but I didn’t have to, to attend 3DTraining. 3DTraining was really affordable.”

“3DTraining was perfect for a beginner with no 3D experience. I learned the fundamentals of the Autodesk 3ds Max software, and how 3D modeling works. Learning how to model fast gave me a great advantage! Knowing animation and rigging helps me understand what my animation colleagues need", says Ivana.

After completing the course Ivana joined I Story Animation, an in-house production studio for Laser Pegs, a toy company that makes a Lego-compatible toy that lights up. I Story is creating a series of shorts for a new series called “The Peg Heads,” based on the Laser Pegs. (I Story recently hired Jeffrey Scott, who wrote Muppet Babies and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.)

“One of the happiest days of my life was the day I signed the papers to start learning 3D at 3DTraining. I knew I wanted a job that I loved doing. I would tell other students, ‘Follow your passion, and keep in mind that 3D is one skill that opens doors to many industries and opportunities.’ Being a 3D artist is one of the best feelings ever! It doesn’t feel like work! I love what I do every day!”

Gary Platt, 3DTraining Advisory Board member, says, “We are very proud of Ivana. She exemplifies a new kind of student. She is following her passions and dreams, and choosing a career that will keep her challenged, fulfil her creatively, and allow her to have fun at work. 3D gives you a way to turn your play into work. You can make money while you are enjoying the things you love to do.”

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NOV 01, 2014 : 3DTraining has joined the Autodesk Academic Partner Program (APP), a program which provides free 3D software to students, schools, and colleges.

3DTraining the industry’s leading provider of short-term, live-online programs, has just become an Autodesk Academic Partner (APP). Through this partnership, Autodesk will provide 3D software for schools and colleges, and 3DTraining will support this program by offering its unique simulated on-the-job training in 3ds Max, Maya, Revit, and Inventor to help teachers learn the software and teach their students to prepare them for real world jobs.

Charles Mandracchia, a public school teacher from New York City, has recently joined 3DTraining’s program after hearing Christian’s success story and is now learning Maya live-online with 3DTraining. He says he is taking the classes so that he can create 3D programs to teach the kids in middle school. “I teach in a school where a lot of the kids have trouble getting through high school. But they are incredible artists and designers and have tremendous drive to succeed. If I can teach them 3D and show them that there are jobs for them, then I can give them hope.”

As an Academic Partner, 3DTraining plans to help school districts set up programs to teach the teachers how to instruct the students. Gary Platt, 3DTraining Advisory Board Member says, “We are excited to become an Autodesk Academic Partner. We get a lot of inquiries from teachers telling us they need to learn so they can teach a 3D class. Most of them don’t even know that they can get free software for their students. We will be working with Autodesk to spread the word to students, teachers, and school districts that Autodesk is giving away software for learning purposes. We want students to know that there are fun, creative 3D jobs in all industries from movies, video games, medical and legal visualizations, architecture, manufacturing, defence simulations, and advertising, to 3D printing and even entrepreneurial opportunities which the students who are part of Generation Z will find very rewarding and fulfilling.”

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SEP 30, 2014 : 3DTraining Proudly Announces that Gary Platt Has Joined the 3DTraining Advisory Board

3DTraining is pleased to announce that Gary Platt, has joined the 3DTraining Board of Advisors. Gary Platt co-founded Full Sail University in 1977 and played a pivotal role in its success. He designed Full Sail’s core curriculum in 1978 and received numerous industry and educational awards. Full Sail’s initial mission was to train students on the production side of entertainment and music. Later, specialized associate's degrees and associate's degrees were added in computer animation, digital media, game design and development, and show production and touring. All of these degrees were later expanded into full bachelor's degree programs. Mr. Platt served as Senior Vice President and Director of Education during his twenty years at Full Sail. Gary Platt and Eckart Wintzen, a Dutch venture capitalist and media arts enthusiast, shared a vision for creating a college with a focus on excellence in the digital arts. In 1998, they co-founded Expression Center for New Media (now known as Ex'pression College for Digital Arts.) Ex'pression College is a for-profit college located in Emeryville, California, geared toward the entertainment industry and known for its around-the-clock schedule and eight week terms. Ex’pression College offers degrees in Animation & Visual Effects, Digital Filmmaking, Game Art & Design, Interactive Audio, Motion Graphic Design and Sound Arts. The college has been recognized for its accelerated programs. Mr. Platt still serves as a Member of the Advisory Board at Ex'pression College for Digital Arts. Mr. Platt graduated from Ohio University and they recently honoured him with the Achievement in Music Award. Immediately after graduation, Mr. Platt designed the educational program for The Recording Workshop in Ohio, which is believed to be the nations’ first accelerated training program for recording. Mr. Platt also received his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix in 2007. Not only did Mr. Platt graduate with honours but he also gained invaluable insights into the many facets and advantages of online learning.

Gary Platt said, “I am also overjoyed to be joining the 3DTraining Board of Directors and helping the next generation of students discover their passion, and find meaningful and fulfilling jobs doing what they love. I’m looking forward to working with the team at 3DTraining to find ways to reach more students and support their efforts to create more success stories!” Ben Katt, Director of 3DTraining said, “Gary is an example of the stature of talented members on our Board of Advisors. He has a wealth of experience in the educational field and he is joining us at a very exciting time as more students are looking for alternatives to traditional college paths. His expertise in the field of digital and creative arts fits well with our unique training approach to prepare students for successful careers in a shorter amount of time.”

SEP 18, 2014 : 19 year old Christian Carbajal Chose 3DTraining's 4 Month Program, Instead of 4 Year College, and Just Landed Dream 3D Position at Edese Doret Industries

3DTraining is proud to announce that recent graduate Christian Carbajal just got a full time job in the 3D industry without going through the traditional, expensive 4 year college track. Christian joined 3DTraining's Fast Track program to learn the Autodesk software Maya, and got his diploma in only 4 months. He just turned 20 years old, and is very proud that he has already launched his career at Edese Doret Industrial Design.

When Christian graduated from high school there was a lot of pressure to go directly to college. Most of his friends and classmates were following a traditional path, feeling that they had to go college if they wanted to be successful. But, Christian had been noticing that going to college didn't always mean finding a job and he knew a lot of people who had gotten deep into debt with school loans.

Christian decided to take a different route. "I always thought of myself as an artist. I was drawing stick figures when I was only 3 years old and playing the guitar and piano at 4. I started playing video games at 8, and then got into acting and singing when I was 9 years old. At 12, I was intrigued by anatomy, and at 15, I was studying martial arts." Christian gives a lot of credit to his parents for letting him follow his passions.

“Throughout the years of watching cool and shiny movies and playing creative video games, I would think to myself, ‘Wow’ that’s what I want to do. Once I graduated from high school, I dove into 3DTraining, which is a great place for ambitious people to develop the professional skills needed to be successful in the 3D industry.”

3DTraining is a unique production-based training program where students learn Autodesk software in a simulated on-the-job environment. Because 3DTraining students learn by working on in-demand projects, Christian was able to build a portfolio while he was going to school. All 3D Training courses are held live on-line, which meant Christian was able to take classes without the extra expense of traveling and he was able to get real time feedback from the instructor. And because 3DTraining students learn in a simulated production environment, Christian knew how to work in a professional position.

"Thank you 3DTraining for making it possible for me to kick start my career at my age, and having faith in me.” Christian has this advice to give to aspiring 3d artists, "Never give up on your dreams and goals. Have the courage to believe in yourself, because you are the only one who can make it happen."

Ben Katt, from 3DTraining said, “We are incredibly proud of Christian. He possessed the insight to know what he wanted to accomplish, the wisdom to trust his instincts, and the motivation to make his dream come true. He is an inspiration to all of us. I highly encourage anyone who wants to find a career or make a career change to come to our free Trial Program. At 3DTraining, we create success stories. Come find out how you can be as successful as Christian."

JUN 30, 2014 : 3DTraining Launches Hands on Workshops in 3D as a Response to President Obama’s Call for Action in Creating New Incentives for Entrepreneurs and Inventors

Last week, President Obama held the first Maker Faire at the White House and celebrated with the entrepreneurs and inventors who have reinvented and reinvigorated the manufacturing sector of the US economy. The West Wing of the White House was filled with Makers demonstrating inventions from Robotic giraffes to a 3D Pancake Printer, to 3d modeling of molecules inside our bodies.

Behind much of this innovation is 3D software and it is expected that the demand for professionals who are proficient in 3dsMax, Maya, Revit, and Inventor will continue to match the soaring marketplace.

Autodesk has made a commitment to supporting the President’s call to action and 3DTraining is contributing by offering these Hands on Workshops which will introduce the 3D software and the unique Production Based Training Methodology that is conducted exclusively by 3DTraining. In the workshop participants will complete a small project to get an understanding of the software and the project workflow. The workshop will be taught using a combination of 2 hours of self-paced interactive videos which are accessible at any time and a 4 hour live instructor led online session.

From movies and video games, to legal presentations, medical animations, fashion designers, construction managers, endless mobile applications, and 3D Printing, the opportunities for 3D professionals are expanding every day. The accessibility to 3D tools is creating a new generation of Makers, inventors, and entrepreneurs.

The Hands on Workshops are offered in Autodesk software packages 3dsMax, Maya, Revit, and Inventor. For only $50, participants will learn about the software, the industry trends, and job availability in the 3D field.

Trent Edwards, Instructional Manager at 3DTraining, says, “We see huge potential for anyone who gets into the 3D field. Many of 3DTraining’s graduates have started their own businesses. Our mission has always been to help students establish a fulfilling career and long term success.”


MAY 28, 2014 : Revit Graduate, Brian Ballinger, Was Recently Hired as an Architect With the Naos Design Group, Before He Even Graduated From 3DTraining Programs

Brian Ballinger, 3DTraining Alumni, earned his B.S. in Architecture at Lawrence Technological University, near Detroit, Michigan, where their motto is "Possible is Everything". But he soon discovered that finding a satisfying job wasn’t easy, and at times didn’t even seem possible.

He was working as a draftsman using AutoCad, but Brian wanted to work in a position where he would feel inspired, could grow with the company, and most of all, be happy. Brian found that a lot of companies were using outdated technology or could not promise long-term employment. Brian says, “I was constantly looking for a way out of the short-term job cycle; but without experience in Revit, I could hardly get an interview—let alone a good job."

Brian started researching classes and schools online to find a program that would work with his schedule. Since he worked full time during the day, nights and weekends were his only option. “I didn't feel like I would learn enough in a two-week crash course offered by other schools, and I needed examples of completed work to show in interviews,” Brian said. “So, I decided to give the 3DTraining 16 week program a shot.”

Brian likes the way the 3DTraining classes are taught in a simulated production environment to give each student the experience of working in a real-world setting. At the 3DTraining students apply theory to real world projects. “I was only about halfway through the Intermediate part of the 3DTraining Revit Program, when I started getting these interviews. I was able to show a couple of projects from my classes to some companies. I was so excited to find that I got three job offers!”

Brian finally found his dream job at Naos Design Group, and he gives all the credit to 3DTraining's simulated on-the-job training program. Today, Brian is on the fast track to success as he and Naos Design Groups BIM Manager, Alyssa Tharrett, are teaching the rest of the firm’s employees how to succeed using Revit!

"If you are willing to put in the time, you will succeed. The instructors challenge the students who are catching on quickly, while still taking time out for one-on-one sessions with students who are struggling with a particular concept. The advice I have for potential candidates is this question... Which costs you more? The time and money put toward learning a new skill—or being left behind?" - Brian Ballinger

“Joel Orr, a member of 3DTraining's Board of Advisors says, "Brian's success in landing the job he wanted is testimony to his commitment, and to the power of 3DTraining Revit training. Anyone wanting to move ahead in architecture and construction must be familiar with Revit; 3DTraining offers an "express train" to that destination. Kudos to Brian!".” - says Joel Orr, 3DTraining Advisory Board

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MAY 05, 2014 : 3DTraining Alumni, Sal Torchia, Recently Brought 3D Animation Skills to BBDO, Adding Another Dimension of Creativity and Fulfilment to His Work

3DTraining Alumni, Sal Torchia, earned his degree in Advertising Design and Communications, moved to New York City and landed his dream job at BBDO, a prestigious advertising agency. He loved working in 2D design, retouching and print ads but after a while he realized that he kept bumping up against a ceiling in his profession.

As much as Sal loved working in advertising, and producing great work for clients such as Pepsi, Snickers, Gillette, and Visa, he started to think he would have to make a career change but couldn't imagine what that would be. “I looked at all of the options around me within the ad world but I began to see an increasing amount of people becoming burned out and many just unhappy.”

He started asking himself the difficult questions. “What do you do when you have invested time and money in a career only to find out your opportunities don’t match your ambitions?” Sal took to the Internet to do some research and discovered 3DTraining. “I went to the Free Trial Program and I was hooked.” He signed up for the Maya Course immediately.

Over the years, Sal has contributed to the success of many projects, creating buzz on social media and most importantly keeping BBDO clients happy and satisfied. Some of his notable accomplishments include a first time use of CGI for their Guinness client that was displayed for the world to see on a billboard in the middle of Times Square. A Lowe’s project that required the modeling and animating of multi-tool wrench for its launch which became one of the best sellers of the season. A holiday campaign for HBO that captured iconic themes and imagery from their shows modeled into Christmas ornaments, and Gillette’s art deco campaign for the Art of Shaving.

"With 3D there’s no ceiling any more. I saw a new light on my career path. 3DTraining opened doors for climbing up the job ladder and making big money.”" - Sal Torchia

“We are so very proud of Sal and the work he has done. At 3DTraining, we are here to help him continue to learn and grow and help him achieve his professional goals and aspirations.” - says Ben Katt, 3DTraining

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APR 04, 2014 : Struggling Chef Transforms Himself into a Successful Entrepreneur in the 3D Animation Industry Within One Year of Graduating from 3DTraining

3DTraining, Daniel Madzel, has always loved creating recipes and making tasty treats for his family and friends. This passion fulfilled his creative side, but the long hours and low pay in the food industry sent him searching for a career where he could afford to support his family.

So Daniel did some research. "Before I threw tens of thousands of dollars into a school I needed to know how it was going to work for me." Daniel discovered 3DTraining, attended the free Introductory Class, and liked what he saw.

"3DTraining has a really cool teaching approach. The instructors teach live online and they make learning fun and easy. 3DTraining uses a simulated production environment, so I learned what companies and clients are looking for. It was like on the job training and far more affordable than any of the other programs."

"But, when I graduated the economy was really bad. Still, I didn't let that stop me. I said, 'If I can't find a job, I'll make my own.'" Daniel took what he learned at 3DTraining and turned himself into an entrepreneur. "I pounded the pavement and now I've got a team of 10 artists. I feel like there's no ceiling on what we can accomplish."

For Daniel, 3DTraining was the "secret sauce" that gave him the skills and confidence to successfully make the career change that would change his life.

"I'm now able to live a happy, creative, fulfilling life. I tried a lot of other things, but I just wasn't happy," Daniel says. "Working for something you want in life is never going to be easy. You've got to do your homework, get around good people, get fired up! I'm happy I tried. I have no regrets!" - Daniel Madzel

"We are very proud of Daniel's success. We are here to provide Daniel and his company, Gridway Digital with talent and help him grow his business. Daniel is an inspiration for anyone looking for career change and anyone who has ever dreamed of becoming a successful entrepreneur." - says Ben Katt, 3DTraining.

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3DTraining and Sculpteo collaborate to promote 3D printing to students

3DTraining an industry leader in teaching Autodesk software, and Sculpteo, an innovative 3D cloud printing service, are excited to announce a collaboration to promote 3D printing to the student community.

3DTraining and Sculpteo will conduct a live-online webinar on Wednesday, December 4th, from 6pm to 7pm (Pacific Time), about how to prepare 3D files for printing, set up your own online store, and embed Sculpteo’s technology onto your own website.

The business of 3D printing is exploding. Mass customization is expected to go beyond mass production. Sculpteo has created a 3D cloud printing service that unites artists and designers with customers; and has taken all the hassle out of the 3D printing and selling process.

The Sculpteo 3D printing engine can produce a different object for each individual. The ability to produce a physical model from a 3D file has important applications in architecture, manufacturing, gaming, home wares, lighting, jewellry, and almost every other conceivable industry. Using Sculpteo’s unique 3D cloud printing engine, artists are able to upload their 3D files onto the Sculpteo platform.

Sculpteo handles everything, from printing and shipping, to billing and payments. It allows customers to choose colours, sizes, and materials, to create personalized gifts or other items of their choosing. Customers can design a one-of-a-kind piece, individualizing a piece of jewellry or art for personal use or home display. Sculpteo will give 3DTraining students a discount to print physical models of their work and to create a personal library of the models they have created. 3DTraining will also conduct online training seminars to help artists and designers market their designs using the Sculpteo platform.

"Sculpteo is an online 3D printing service that is available to everyone. But not everyone is able to create a printable file using 3D software. This is why our partnership with 3DTraining is so valuable; it enables us to teach people how to create 3D files for 3D printing," says Clément Moreau, CEO of Sculpteo.

“3DTraining recently launched an ambitious service called Studio Connect, to give students a chance to work with industry professionals and prepare them for real-world projects after they successfully complete the program. Partnering with Sculpteo and teaching students how to use this hot new technology to market themselves and their art is a natural fit,” says Ben Katt, 3DTraining.

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OCT 30, 2013 : Studio Connect Looks to Bridge the Gap Between 3D Design and Animation Graduates and Studios Looking for Talent

3DTraining is launching a new, free service, called Studio Connect in January 2014, to bridge the gap between graduates and studios who need production assistance for their projects.

3DTraining is launching a new and innovative service, “Studio Connect”, that addresses a major industry problem. With most studios facing stringent production deadlines, they lack the time and resources to train and manage fresh graduates, and prefer to hire experienced talent. Studio Connect will act as a life line between graduates who have learned Autodesk 3D software (3dsMax, Maya, Revit, and Inventor) and studios working on film, gaming, architectural, manufacturing, and other design projects.

Studio Connect will launch in January 2014, and is free for participants. Although this service was created for graduates who have completed the 3DTraining training programs, a few spots will be open to graduates from other schools and colleges. The selected participants will have the opportunity to gain the critical experience that studios seek, while working in teams on simulated production projects.

“This program is truly win-win, Graduates participating in Studio Connect will get the opportunity to work with clients, and studios will benefit by having a pool of well-trained and qualified talent for their projects.” - Gary Sharfin, owner of Private Idaho.

“Studio Connect will help bridge the gap in the industry between graduates looking for work and studios looking for well-trained talent that is ready to ‘hit the ground running.’ I encourage studios to take advantage of this service, which will give graduates the break they deserve!" - Joel Orr, founder, Computer Graphics World magazine.

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JUN 28, 2013 : 3DTraining Joins the Ranks as One of the First Live On-line Training Companies to Become an Authorized Training Center (ATC) for Autodesk (ADSK)

3DTraining is proud to announce that they have become one of the first live on-line training centers to become an Autodesk Authorized Training Center (ATC).

In fact, 3DTraining has the unique distinction of arguably being the first company to launch live on-line classes back in 2007. The live on-line format allows anyone with an internet connection to learn from home or their place of work with a live instructor, at set times over the Internet. Now, as an Autodesk Authorized Training Center, 3DTraining will be able to offer additional benefits to students, such as a certificate of proficiency from Autodesk, and access to the Autodesk Student Community to obtain a free three year license in the software they are learning.

3DTraining’s programs were initially developed in 1998 by production professionals who were having a difficult time finding skilled talent. In fact, when they were first launched in 1999, 3DTraining’s classes were conducted at the Autodesk Resource Center, located within the Curious Pictures Facility and later moved to a much larger training space on 5th Avenue, in New York City.

The opportunity came in 2007 when web technologies such as WebEx made it possible to conduct live instructor-led training online. Ever since then, 3DTraining has helped a significant number of people change their careers and their lives with their innovative 16 week production based training programs which use a combination of self-paced training materials and live instructor-led session.

“I had a day job. I didn’t have time to go to a classroom. The live on-line instruction was great. The instructors teach you how to create work based on what clients want.”. - Chris Jennings

"I needed a program that would give me real world training, was affordable, and worked around my schedule." - Eric Nercessian

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JAN 16, 2013 : Emmy Award Winning 3DTraining Alumni Is Looking Forward To The Possibility of a Second Emmy This Year

3DTraining Alumni, Chris Jennings, is on the fast track to making all his dreams come true. Chris Jennings, 3DTraining Alumni, won his first Emmy award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Craft: Graphic Design and Art Direction Category as Lead 3D Artist, for the National Geographic documentary, “Illicit: The Dark Trade”. This important film examined a new kind of international crime; the illegal trade of fake medicines, dangerous weapons, and even human beings.

However, for Chris, life was not always so exciting and glamorous. He had always loved art, but drawing wasn’t a medium he wanted to pursue. Chris went to college and got his BA in Graphic Design. “I interviewed for graphic design jobs and found them to be boring. I then realized I wanted to do exciting stuff with 3D visualization and special effects.”

So, Chris went back to school and got his associate’s degree in Digital Animation and Visual Effects. Even with all this education, he didn’t feel that he had gotten all the skills he needed to advance his career. So, Chris turned to 3DTraining, for help. Chris really liked the production based program that 3DTraining offered.

“The online instruction was great! I had a day job. I didn’t have time to go to a classroom. I liked the way that 3DTraining is based on the real world. The instructors teach you how to create work based on what clients want. It really put me on the fast track in my career.” - Chris Jennings

Soon after completing the program, Chris was hired as the Animation Supervisor for another documentary called “Alien Deep”, where Dr. Robert Ballard, the famed explorer who discovered the final resting place of the Titanic, took viewers on a trip to discover the secrets of life that exists thousands of feet below the surface of the sea. This documentary aired on National Geographic Channel and is expected to be up for Emmy consideration in 2013.

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OCT 23, 2012 : 3Dtraining Alumni, Eric Nersesian, Rides the New Wave in 3D Movie Making

3DTraining Alumni Works on a Sci-Fi Web Series "The New Kind" Which Raised $100K Though Kickstarter (a new funding platform for creative projects).

Eric Nersesian, 3DTraining Alumni, was sitting in his backyard when he got the call from director Peter Hyoguchi asking him to join his web project. “Peter saw my reel on the internet and felt that I would be a great fit as a VFX Artist. I looked him up online, saw his credentials, and thought, ‘this can’t be real.’” The web series also attracted other professionals who had worked on projects such as Star Wars, Avatar, Hugo, The Matrix, and Harry Potter. Suddenly, Eric found himself collaborating with animation superstars.

Until now, getting the necessary funding was more fantasy than reality. But, in the new age of the internet and social media, using Kickstarter, director Peter Hyoguchi, was able to raise $100,000 to fund his Anime inspired, sci-fi web series called “The New Kind”. Kickstarter, which describes itself as a funding platform for creative projects, has now made it possible for anyone with a great idea to make it happen.

During the day, Eric works as a full time Computer Graphics Project Lead and Animation Department Manager for military training simulations in the Unity Game Engine. In his off time, he collaborates with animators and directors from around the world, contributes to crowd sourced web projects, and works with Hollywood professionals, all from the comfort of his home.

Eric credits 3DTraining, for giving him the tools to find work in both of these areas of 3D animation. Although, making movies with Hollywood producers is the glamorous side of 3D animation, Eric says that he is equally proud of the 3D interactive training simulations he creates that train people before they put themselves in dangerous situations.

"Virtual studios, crowd sourced projects, and funding along with hardware and software improvements have made it possible for anyone to learn 3D animation and make a movie with a very small investment. With production based, online 3D training, such as 3DTraining, anyone can also create their dream job. This is the future of animation." - Eric Nersesian

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MAY 24, 2012 : Dr. Joel Orr joins 3DTraining Advisory Board


Dr. Joel N. Orr established himself as a world-renowned expert in engineering automation and computer technologies. He helped found Cyon Research Corporation, a publishing and consulting firm, and its annual COFES conference.

Much in demand as a keynote speaker, Joel has addressed conferences, companies, and associations around the world, often sharing the platform with speakers such as Tom Peters, George Gilder, Jack Kemp, and others.

Joel created Computer Graphics World magazine in 1976 and sold it in 1978. Orr was also co-founder and president of the NCGA (National Computer Graphics Association) and president of the Virtual Worlds Society. Autodesk Corporation named Orr a “Distinguished Fellow” for a three-year period that ended in 1993. From 1997 to 2001, Bentley Systems, Inc. designated him their “Engineering Laureate.”

Dr. Orr’s most recent book is “Joel’s BookProgram: The Simple Secret to Writing a Book in 30 Days, at 1 Hour a Day!” He has also written “Every Man a Hero, Every Woman a Coach,” and “Structure is Destiny: The Dandelion Paradox.”

Many of the Fortune 500 manufacturers see Dr. Orr as a major resource in the areas of business restructuring, automation, and the future of technology. He counts among his clients Ford, IBM, Chrysler, Lockheed, Xerox, Apple, General Foods, Dow Corning; Becton-Dickinson, US Surgical, the US Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, and Army, NASA, government agencies in several countries, and many other organizations.

Orr has frequently served as an expert witness in matters relating to computer graphics, CAD, computer software, systems design, collaborative software, and more.

Dr. Orr’s PhD is in abstract math, from SUNY, 1973. He is listed in “Who’s Who,” and is internationally known as a speaker. He lives in Mountain View, California.

"3DTraining's performance-measurement approach to training brings science to places it rarely used to go. In the spirit of 'evidence-based' pursuits that are so prominent across the spectrum of professional practices today, it is grounded and effective. Graduates are ready to 'hit the ground running,' and are energized in ways that delight both them and their employers." - Dr. Joel N. Orr

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JUN 14, 2011 : Welcomes Emmy Award Winning Director David Carson to its Student Advisory Board welcomes David Carson to its board of student advisors, which represents prominent animation executives who are committed to sharing their areas of expertise with its instructors and students. The members of the 3DTraining advisory board represent significant talent and accomplishment in the animation industry.

David Carson is the director of four episodes each of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, including the latter's pilot episode, "Emissary"". Carson also directed Star Trek Generations, his first feature film effort and the highest grossing movie of the Star Trek franchise at that time. His movies for the big screen include LETTERS FROM A KILLER, starring Patrick Swayze, IN HIS LIFE: THE JOHN LENNON STORY, and THE 10TH KINGDOM.

Carson has also directed episodes of such shows as L.A. Law, Doogie Howser, M.D., Alien Nation, Northern Exposure, Beverly Hills 90210. Other movies and mini-series directed by Carson for television include CARRIE, BLUE SMOKE, and GOING UNDERGROUND, which won a Humanitas award. Carson has also won two EMMYS, for his work on the TV series STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE and NORTHERN EXPOSURE.

“I am very impressed with 3DTraining’s program, and especially their aim to help and encourage students to balance their artistry and aspirations with the real world requirements and challenges of the entertainment industry, thereby increasing their chances of success,” - David Carson.

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DEC 3, 2010 : 3DTraining graduate Breyon Bradford uses skills he learned online to build a 3D business whose clientele includes Intel, Audi and Volkswagen

NEW YORK— Jackson, Mississippi is not often mentioned among the country’s top media production centers, but if Oroma Media has anything to say about it that may soon change. The Jackson-based company, founded a scant two years ago by 3DTraining graduate Breyon Bradford, provides video production, graphics design, post production, website design and branding services, and has quickly amassed an impressive local, regional and even national clientele by turning out work whose quality rivals that of top tier shops in New York and Los Angeles.

Along with an unlikely location, the company as surprisingly humble origins. Four years ago, Bradford was making a modest income using Adobe After Effects to produce motion graphics for small projects for his church. Wanting to advance his career, he decided to extend his skills by learning 3D. “I found 3DTraining on the web and signed up for an introductory course,” Bradford recalls, “and instantly knew that it was something I wanted to do.”

Bradford said that the education he received through 3DTraining has been critical to his company’s success. He not only learned how to use sophisticated 3D software, he got the career guidance and post graduate support he needed to put his knowledge to practical, commercial use.

“I’m not a guy who got his start working in a huge studio in L.A.,” Bradford concludes. “I came to 3DTraining with an eagerness to learn. I worked hard and continued to grow and the next thing I knew, I had a company.” - Breyon Bradford

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SEP 10, 2010 : 3DTraining welcomes Gary Sharfin, founder of Private Idaho, as one of our Student Advisory Board members

Gary Sharfin is the owner, a producer, editor, sometimes director at Private Idaho which he founded in 1988. He began his career launching Donna Karan with an award winning fashion video and has edited commercials for Burger King, Lite Beer, Budweiser (including Bud Bowl) as well as Canon’s iconic Andre Agassi “Image is everything” campaign.

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JUL 7, 2010 : 3DTraining Alumni Work on Independent Greek Movie

Talk about an out of this world experience! Three 3DTraining alumni were selected to work with the 3DMirage team on a special project for an upcoming Greek feature film. The film’s director Spyros Vrettos needed assistance with a seven-minute sequence and called on 3DMirage for support on the task.

The team recruited three past 3DTraining students for the project: Joe Carvalko (Milford, CT), Rob Kerek (Rohnert Park, CA), and Andy Richard (Ajax, ON, Canada). The 3DTraining alumnis were faced with the challenge of a tight budget and an even tighter deadline, but successfully completed the project with glowing results. The film is slated for a December release, and Vrettos is planning on including the finished product in several upcoming film festivals.

“I was impressed with the level of knowledge of [3DTraining’s] students. In fact, I developed an interest to study 3D animation at the school in the near future in order to solve simple visual needs. I hope to support the idea of a more ambitious collaboration between 3DMirage and myself with new film projects.” - Spyros Vrettos (Film Director)

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JUN 22, 2009 : 3DTraining welcomes Eli Kuslansky, managing partner of Unified Field, as one of our Student Advisory Board members

Eli Kuslansky is the managing partner of Unified Field which specializes in media architecture, communications, and visualization systems for museums, educational institutions, Fortune 500 corporations. He specializes in design technology, communications, informational and educational products. With more than twenty years of experience in the industry, he is currently developing advanced 3D visualization systems, alternative interfaces and designing custom software applications for museums, educational institutions, Fortune 500 corporations, and financial institutions.

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FEB 14, 2009 : 3DTraining graduate Breyon Bradford helps 3DMIRAGE to work on a Super Bowl commercial for Marquis Jet

With a very short project timeline given by client to create a 15-second commercial for SuperBowl, the 3DMIRAGE ( team needed all assistance possible to meet the project deadline. 3DTraining alumni Breyon Bradford was hired to assist the 3DMIRAGE team in getting the project executed within the short dead-line.



JAN 16 , 2009 : 3DTraining welcomes Lucien Harriot, President of Mechanism Digital Inc., as one of our Student Advisory Board members

Lucien Harriot, Visual Effects Supervisor and President of Mechanism Digital Inc., is as comfortable on the live action set as he is in the studio with a team of computer artists. In 1996, Lucien founded Mechanism Digital Inc., which provides computer animation and digital effects for film, television and new media. Located in Manhattan’s West Chelsea and employing a staff of up to 25, Mechanism prides itself in taking the mystery out of the visual effects process while encouraging client education and involvement in the creative process, from storyboard to finishing.



AUG 18 , 2008 : 3DTraining graduate Kern Darrabie featured in an article in the CGW/ POST Magazine.

AUG 18 , 2008 : 3DTraining graduate Kern Darrabie featured in an article in the CGW/ POST Magazine

Kern Darrabie, an intermediate level user, joined the 3DTraining programs and soon after completion started working as a Senior Animator for Comcast Network's CN8 TV Station which serves nine million cable viewers from Maine to Washington D.C. with regional and local news and sports coverage.



JUN 23, 2008 : 3DTraining Alumni Work on an Animated Short for New 2008 Christmas Toy Furberries

Within a few months after completing the course at 3DTraining Joshua Chung found early success by working on a animation short for Instant Noodle Factory ( under the supervision of award winning creative director Doros Evangelides. Working with a team of about six artists, Chung was able to create a professional-level animation for a toy company offering a new product called FurBerries. The result is a delightful 6-minute 3D animated cartoon, which is sold as a DVD with the toys (a new kind of cuddly, colorful teddy-bear, which rolls into a ball and has other features).

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APR 14, 2008 : 3DTraining welcomes Dorros Evangelides, CEO of Instant Noodle Factory as one of our Student Advisory Board members

Doros Evangelides is the CEO of Doros USA, Inc., a Computer Animation Company, which merged recently with LEXICOM, LLC, an Information Technology Company, to create the newly formed INSTANT NOODLE FACTORY Company. The company’s objective is to achieve excellence in the designing and production of superior animation, communications and Internet Technology by combining many years of experience and talent.

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JAN 14, 2006 : 3DTraining and FIT hosted a Free 3D Animation Career Advancement Seminar on Friday Jan 13th, 2006

The 3DTraining Career Advancement Seminar turned out to be a great success, with approximately 200 aspiring animators in attendance to meet and gain animation career advice from our panel of industry experts which consisted of animation company owners and savvy industry recruiters who shared their insights on how to launch a 3D Animation career in today’s market.

Panelists: Lucien Harriot (Mechanism Digital), Scott Sindorf (UVPhactory) and Chryssa Cooke (The Orphanage)


Media Coverage :- Siggraph News , Digital Animators , Post Magazine , The Open Press , Create Magazine , Animation Artist


NOV 17, 2005 : 3DMIRAGE & 3DTraining participates in the NAB Post Show at the Jacob Javit's Convention Center, NY



AUG 7, 2005 : 3DTraining Interviews Top Animation Companies at SIGGRAPH 2005

3DTraining Spokespersons: Brittany Istre (left): Paige Brooks (right)

3DTraining interviewed a few companies that were exhibiting this year at Siggraph, so that our current and prospective students can learn more information about the latest trends and technology in the animation field.

Listen to industry leaders talk about their latest product releases, and find out about the hiring requirements from some of the world's most renowned animation studios. Partial List of Companies Interviewed include: ILM, Digital Domain, Blue Sky, Pixar, AutoDesk



DEC 30TH , 2005 : 3DMIRAGE Launches 3DTraining

New York, NY -- 3DMIRAGE, ( a high-end 3D animation consulting company has launched 3DTraining, a training company dedicated solely to teaching the art and craft of 3D animation in a simulated production environment.

Targeting the burgeoning demand for 3D artists, 3DTraining exposes students to a growing number of industries in addition to the entertainment and gaming world's commonly associated with this high tech imagery. A significant amount of 3D work is being done in diverse fields including medical visualization, legal enactments, biotech, corporate graphics, financial services, and retail point-of-purchase visualizations and 3DTraining’s curriculum targets these expanding opportunities for animators.(continued)



OCT 14 , 2004 : Dr. Rajeev Doshi who Joined 3Dtraining Program to make a Career Change from Doctor to Animator, gets Featured in the 3D World Magazine


Dr. Rajeev Doshi wanted to make a career change to 3D animation. So he flew in to New York to stay here for 3 months to attend our 12 week 3D Project Based Course. Within months of completing our program he was hired as a Digital Media Manager for a medical animation company in UK. After working there for about 2 years, he now runs his own successful medical animation business.



AUG 15, 2001 : Association of Graphics Communications (AGC) and 3DMIRAGE Collaborate to Conduct Animation Seminar for Graphics Professionals

"It was a pleasure working with you and your staff on the two successful 3D animation seminars we cosponsored with 3DMIRAGE. The seminars were informative and interesting and your staff was very professional. I look forward to working with 3DMIRAGE on future programs" - Pamela Suett- Director of Education and Training.

ABOUT AGC: AGC is a $3 billion network for industry information and idea exchange for print/pre-press providers, new media services, ad agencies, publishers, corporate communications departments, designers, industry suppliers and professional organizations.


OCT 23, 1998 : AutoDesk (NASDAQ:ADSK) Supports 3DMIRAGE in Launching its Unique Project-based 3D Training Programs

“Kinetix (now Autodesk Media & Entertainment) sees a definite need for the educational services you are planning to provide. We are willing to support you through your startup phase with the provision of our resource center in New York, workstations provided by Intergraph and software licenses for 3D studio Max and Character Studio” – John Hadlow , Eastern Regional Sales Manager, AutoDesk

ABOUT AUTODESK: Autodesk is the world's leading design and digital content creation resource. The company provides software and Internet portal services to help customers drive business through the power of design. Serving a host of engineering and design disciplines as well as the film, broadcast, and multimedia industries, Autodesk has more than 4 million customers worldwide. Ninety percent of the Fortune 500 largest industrial and service corporations in the United States are Autodesk® customers.

Discreet, a division of Autodesk formed by combining the Kinetix® operations with the Discreet Logic acquisition, develops and delivers systems and software for visual effects, 3D animation, editing, broadcast graphics, and feature films. One of the largest software companies in the world, Autodesk has customers in over 150 countries.

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