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The 3DTraining programs are entirely production based to help participants gain the production skills required to enhance their marketability in the shortest amount of time possible.

Our programs are ideal for:

  • Professionals working in the field and looking to improve their skills with the latest version of the software.
  • Intermediate-level users looking to improve their current demo reels and marketability.
  • Beginners looking to explore new career options in the 3D animation industry.

3D INTERMEDIATE PROGRAM: (Production Based Course)

The 3ds Max Intermediate Program is 12 weeks long and ideal for aspiring CG artists who have existing experience with 3D software and are looking to improve the quality of their current demo reel using the latest versions of 3ds Max software. The 3D project-based course was designed in consultation with 3DTraining's affiliate animation studios and offers the fastest and most cost-effective way to learn the professional skills required to start working in the industry.

Students are taught in 3DTraining's simulated production environment to develop efficient work habits, experience working in real world production team environments, improve their client communication skills, and efficiently manage production deadlines. Over the 12-week program duration, students complete three project modules that are the most in-demand within the animation industry as listed below.


    Topics Covered

    Advanced Lighting


    Topics Covered

    Spline Modeling
    Organic Modeling
    Box & Patch Modeling
    Adaptive Smoothing
    Art Renderer


    Topics Covered

    Body animations
    Facial animations
    Cloth & Hair

Duration: 12 Weeks. The course includes 2 hours of self-paced learning materials and 4 hours of live online instructor-led training per week.

Timings: New classes start every month and run on weekends and weeknights.

Eligibility: Must have completed Beginner course or submit examples of previous work for instructional review.

After completing the program you will have gained the skills to create your demo-reel with professional projects and be ready to undertake similar projects on your own.

3DTraining offers an extensive one year post-class support for students who have completed the 12-week 3D Intermediate Program which includes reel hosting, strategy sessions for finding work and production support through our alliance production company.

"I have learned more here in just 12 weeks than I did studying 4 years in college" - German Rodrigues (3DTraining Alumni)

3D BEGINNER PROGRAM:(Pre-requisite Program for those with little or no 3D experience)

The 3Ds Max Beginner Program is four weeks long and provides beginners with a strong grasp of the Max skills required to successfully participate in our intensive production-based course.

This workshop will cover the fundamental techniques in modeling, materials, lighting, and advanced rendering. Students will learn the process of completing an entire 3D still render project and learn the techniques of creating photorealistic renderings.

The foundational 3D beginner program can serve as a standalone course for the hobbyist or those who are interested in doing architectural visualizations in 3D.

Duration: 4 Weeks. The course includes 2 hours of self-paced learning materials and 3 hours of live online instructor-led production sessions per week.

Timings: New classes open every month and run on weekends and weeknights.


Topics Covered

3ds Max Software Overview
Import and Trace Floor Plans
Extrude Walls from Shapes
Creating Walls, Doors, Windows
Introduction to Modeling
Modeling Inorganic Objects
Modeling with Modifiers
Texturing Room
3-Point Lighting Theory
Render Settings
Daylight System Setup
Indirect Lighting Workflow
Lighting Composition