If you are looking to work professionally in the 3D field, you will find that companies and clients will make their hiring decisions based on three main criteria; the depth of your 3D software knowledge, the quality of your reel or portfolio and most importantly your work experience, to judge your ability to contribute as a team player and meet stringent production deadlines.

To help you meet these requirements, at 3DTraining we have developed a production-based training methodology, the first of its kind, where you will become proficient with the software, work on projects to build a high-quality reel or portfolio and gain valuable production experience, all within the course itself!

The 3D Training programs were developed by our partner production and consulting company 3DMIRAGE, to meet the growing demands for skilled talents in the 3D industry. The 3DTraining production-based programs are conducted in a simulated on-the-job training environment, where you are treated as a professional and the projects assigned to you, must meet specified quality expectations and be completed within a given deadline.

The training programs are all conducted online using a unique combination of our learning platform and live-online production sessions, held during convenient weekend and weeknight schedules. Our programs are ideal for working professionals and students, as long as you can commit a minimum of 10-15 hours per week towards the program.

Our training programs are recognized by Autodesk and over the past 15 years, our programs have helped many of our students launch successful careers in the 3D field, in just months, instead of years. We also provide one-year of free post class support which includes career strategy & mentorship guidance, software upgrade training and a membership to the 3DTraining Alumni community network. 

As a first step we highly recommend that you attend our one-hour RISK-FREE TRIAL CLASS to determine if our production-based training programs will meet your learning requirements.