I have a demo reel, but can't get a break in the field. What should I do?

Although potential employers consider your experience and resume, your chances of being hired largely depends on the quality of your demo reel. If you have submitted a general reel to studios with little success, you may need to refine your reel to better reflect your skills and the potential employer's requirements. If your reel looks professional, then perhaps, the companies you are applying to are looking for someone with more experience. If you have been able to get to the interview stage you may need to work on your presentation skills, work ethics and ability to be a good team player.

I think I know the software very well, but how can I take the quality of my work to the next level?

Sometimes if you learn the software the incorrect way and pick up bad work habits, it can be difficult for you to create higher quality work. In order to create high quality work you need to have the right mind set, strategy and work habits. You can learn from trial and error on your own, but that can take a long time. Generally it is much more helpful to have a coach suggest improvements which you may otherwise not realize.

I have already taken a course in 3D animation; will I be wasting my time learning what I already know?

Typical courses focus on teaching you the software tools, which are essentially the easiest to learn. There are many books and tutorials that can help you learn the software, but 3DTraining's courses extend beyond the software to encourage efficient work habits and help you create a professional demo reel. Since the course is entirely performance based and project orientated, students familiar with the software will have the advantage of working directly on their projects under the guidance of our professional instructors. Experienced animators who have attended our courses often comment that the tips, trick and shortcuts they learned in class were extremely valuable. To see reviews from some of our past students,  click here

I am already working in this field, why do I need additional training?

The animation industry is advancing very rapidly. Even if you are currently undertaking professional projects, there is always a need to update your skills with the latest versions of the software and learn new techniques to improve the quality of your work and to be able to execute projects faster.

What skills will I acquire by the end of the course?

Upon successful completion of this course, you will have a solid foundation in 3D techniques as well as the skills to create a professional quality demo reel based on your area of specialization within 3D animation and industry preference. Additionally, you will experience the discipline necessary to become a professional animator and understand the workings of a production studio. You will have first-hand experience in the entire production process from story board to the completion of a project.

Over the 12-week period, our professional instructors will help you to identify your strengths and select the area of specialization best suited to your skills and interests. At the end of the course, we will help you define a plan to find rewarding work based on your individual preferences.

For more detailed information on the courses here at including course pricing and start dates, fill out our inquiry form. We will also provide you with a FREE TRIAL PROJECT which includes software and project tutorials to get you started learning 3D right away.