What makes the 3DTraining programs unique?.

The 3DTraining performance based programs are unique because they bridge the gap between traditional academic learning and the level of professional skills required by the industry.

Due to the high demand for skilled 3D professionals, many people are pursuing 3D as a fun, creative, and highly rewarding career choice. Some students may attempt to learn on their own using books or DVD’s, or attend a school to help them learn. However, these students are still missing the important production experience that clients are demanding today. Studios, architectural firms, and clients are looking for people who can deliver professional, high quality work consistently managing client expectations, while working within production deadlines.

The 3DTraining courses were originally developed by our partner production company 3DMIRAGE, to train their interns for production work in a short period of time. Seeing the effectiveness of the program and the need for skilled 3D talents in the industry, an Autodesk regional manager convinced 3DMIRAGE to launch the program to the general public. This led to the formation of 3DTraining in 2005.

3DTraining students learn the software while working in a simulated production environment. 3DTraining students gain valuable project work experience and the confidence to take on real world client projects.

The 3DTraining unique performance based programs and post class support features have helped hundreds of students start their 3D career in just months. Some students have joined large companies and others have started their own home based studios. Our students success stories have been featured in professional trade magazines such as Computer Graphics World (CGW), 3DWorld and POST.

The 3DTrainng programs are ideal for those who are seriously considering 3D as a career or looking to enhance their existing skills in a relatively short period of time and in a very cost efficient manner.

What are the typical profiles of students attending the 3DTraining programs?

3DTraining has a diverse group of people who enroll and successfully complete its programs.

  1. Professionals who are already working within the 3D industry and looking to refine their skills and improve the quality of their work in a short period of time.
  2. Students who have graduated from a three or four year college in animation who wish to improve their demo reel / portfolio, get a better understanding of production workflow, and increase their marketability in the job field.
  3. Beginners who join our courses and are looking for a new career or a career change.
  4. Entrepreneurs looking to set up their own home-based production studios.
  5. Hobbyists join our program to fulfill a creative need, or satisfy a lifelong wish to learn animation. Some of our “hobbyist” students have also discovered innovative ways to create another stream of income using 3D.

What is the core program offered by 3DTraining?

The core program at 3DTraining is our intermediate level 12-Week Intermediate Project Based Course. This course was designed around the three most in-demand projects, specific to each software in the 3D industry.

Individuals who wish to join this program must first demonstrate proficiency with the software and have an existing demo reel/portfolio or online links that the instructors can evaluate to determine acceptance into this program. Beginners looking to join this program are first required to take a 4-week Beginner Workshop to gain a solid foundation in the fundamentals of the software before participating in the 12-week Intermediate program.

What are the projects covered in the 12 week Project-based course?

Students in the 3ds Max & Maya courses, will undertake three projects based on the most in demand areas in the industry; Motion Graphics, Product Modeling and Character Animation.

Students in the Revit & AutoCAD courses will take on a Residential, Commercial, and an Urbanism project where they will learn how to create 2D construction documents as well as high quality 3D renderings.

Students in the Inventor course will work on Consumer Product Design, Building Products & Design and an Aerospace project. Students will learn 2D drafting, 3D assembly and simulations.

How are the 3DTraining programs conducted?

At 3DTraining, we use a proprietary "Learn-Practice-Work" (LPW) training method to help you learn faster and remember more, while gaining critical production skills. The Learn and the Practice phases are conducted using self-paced videos that you can access at any time during the week. The Work part is a live instructor led training sessions where the class meets once a week for 3 hours at a set time, either on Saturday or during the weeknights. In the live sessions, the instructor will answer questions relating to the learning material, review your project, and help you learn the production tips and tricks so that you can take your work to the next level.

For a more self-paced learning environment, 3DTraining also offers a platform only training option in which students are not required to attend the weekly live-online classes in order to complete the program. This option does include email and lab support.

Is online training as effective as classroom training?

When 3DTraining was first launched in 2005 we only offered classroom training in New York. A few years later in 2008, when we started offering our programs online, we noticed that we were getting better results from our students who were doing the online version of the class. One of the reasons why online students fared better than in class-room training was because they had access to self-paced videos which enhanced their learning experience.

Currently we conduct all our classes live online. This allows our students to attend our classes from anywhere, as long as they have access to a computer and high-speed internet connection. This also saves our students the time and expense of traveling to attend classes. You can experience the advantages of participating in a live online class by attending our one hour FREE TRIAL PROJECT.

How much time do I have to dedicate towards the programs?

The 3DTRAIING programs are short-term, 12 weeks for intermediate level users and 16 weeks for beginners. We do offer a 4 week advance program which is optional and only offered to those who have successfully completed our core 12 week intermediate course.

Students are provided with 2 hours of self-paced learning materials and 3 hours of live instructor-led session each week. In addition students are also required to dedicate at least five more hours, per week, to work on their homework assignments. In total, a student needs to spend a minimum of 10 hours per week to get the most out of the program, although we advise our students to spend as much time as possible to improve their skills.

Does 3DTraining offer a diploma after graduation or any type of post class support?

Yes. 3DTraining is an Autdoesk Authorized Training Center and issues a diploma to students who successfully complete the 12-week 3D Project Based course. 3DTraining also offers a three year free post-class support program that provides additional learning, guidance to improve your demo reel, and assistance in finding work upon successful completion of the 3D Project Based course.

3DTraining post-class support includes an individual strategy session, reel/port-folio hosting and an Alumni community to keep in touch with other students, and exchange information and ideas to help each other succeed.

Does 3DTraining have a placement division? Can 3DTraining help me find work in this field?

Although we do not have an official placement division, we do help our successful graduates find work in a variety of ways as listed below:

  • After completing the 12 week PBC, we offer a personal strategy for those who are interested in working for studios/firms.
  • We also provide our students with guidance to set up their own companies and work for their own clients.
  • Students that perform exceptionally well in our programs are added to the 3DMIRAGE talent database.
  • 3DTraining advisory board includes owners and directors of affiliate animation companies who critique student reels, and look to hire our talented graduates for their own production needs.

How do I make sure that the 3DTraining programs are right for me?

3DTraining provides a FREE TRIAL PROJECT to give prospective students the experience of how our classes are conducted online, and to make sure that our class format and training methods meet your requirements.

How do I refer my friends to the program?

If you have friends who you think may be interested in joining our production based programs, you can use our referral form to send them the invitation to visit our site. You can ask them to fill out our inquiry form and complete the FREE TRIAL PROJECT to get more information about our programs.