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  • "I learned more here (at 3DTraining) in 12 weeks than studying 4 years in college"

    German Rodriquez, 3DTraining Student
  • "In the 3DTraining I found a perfect combination of video lectures and live instructor class/lab sessions. I also like that the course is compressed which forced me to learn a lot for the short period of time."

    Tatyana Sunguryan, Revit
  • "It was a good experience, you got to get a feel for what it's like having a job in this field more so than just a classroom."

    Leah Jackson, Maya
  • "I really loved the way the class is set up and the workflow. I have prior experience with 3d programs and the detail in the videos made it really easy to learn."

    Gabriela , 3ds Max
  • "It was by far the greatest investment ever. Very flexible in scheduling. Videos are well explained."

    Bernard Villarreal, Revit
  • "Enlightening, to say the least, its open new doors and am looking forwards to more classes with 3DTraining, specially looking forwards to that intermediate inventor 2015 training"

    Xavier , Inventor
  • "I had a very good learning experience with 3DTraining. The classes are very production oriented. I know that I can go out and take any challenge thrown at me."

    Douglas Pendleton , Maya

Alumni Success Stories

  • Christian Carbajal

    19 year old Christian Carbajal Chose 3D Training Institute’s 4 Month Program, Instead of 4 Year College, and Just Landed Dream 3D Position at Edese Doret Industries.

  • Kern Darrabie

    "With 3DTraining’s support and advice I was able to take my career to the next level and get to where I am today” - Kern Derrabie, featured in Computer Graphics World for work done for Comcast/CN8 Channel. ...more

  • Brian Ballinger

    "I was only halfway through my intermediate level course at 3DTraining, and I was so excited to find I got 3 job offers" Brian Ballinger, currently Architect at the Naos Design Group ...more

  • Dr. Rajeev Doshi

    "I still can't believe that I am getting paid to have so much fun" says Dr. Rajeev Doshi, who switched his career from being a phd researcher to forming his own medical animation company in London. ...more

Company News/Events

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  • Studio Connect

    This program is truly win-win, for graduates and studios will benefit by having a pool of well-trained and qualified talent for their projects” - Gary Sharfin, owner of Private Idaho ...more

  • Company News

    "I’m looking forward to working with the team at 3DTraining to find ways to reach more students and support their efforts to create more success stories!” Gary Platt, founder Expressions College ...more

Industry News

  • Siggraph 2015

    The 42nd International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques...more